Start on Your Career Path As a Pharmacy Technician

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Do you want to get started as a pharmacy technician? This is a great career choice because it is an in demand position and there are more and more jobs opening up. The salary is substantial enough to provide a great living and with the growth it means you will have many job prospects to look forward to, providing great job security. The more training and credentials you have, the easier you will find it to get a job.

Enrolling in a certificate program is one of the best ways to get trained and certified. There are many institutions that offer this training including colleges, trade schools and vocational schools. One thing to look for when looking for a pharmacy technician training course, is that the institution is accredited. After you complete the training, the next step will be to take the exams for certification. After you are certified, it is time to get out there and find a job. Your training school may help with job placement, so be sure to use this resource. Otherwise the internet is also a great resource with the many job sites available.

A Pharmacy Technician Salary Offers a Secure Future

Today because of the current economy many are looking into careers in the medical field because it offers a secure job for the future and a good income. Doctors and specialists require many years of schooling but there are a number of other jobs in this field where it requires less years of education. A pharmacy technician salary offers you a good living in a nice work environment.

Most pharmacies are only open during the day so the hours involved are pretty much the standard eight to five with some weekends at times. You will be under the supervision of a pharmacist and he will explain drug interactions and concerns with the customers. This is an entry level position usually starting around $10 to $12 an hour with possible advances available.

Duties of a Pharmacy Technician

A pharmacy tech has a set of duties and responsibilities. Without knowing what these are, you will not be able to become a good pharmacy technician. A pharmacy technician is responsible for taking prescription orders from customers. Moreover, the technician is also the one who customers can turn to if they have questions and concerns about a certain medicine. One of his duties is to help customers with whatever they need.

A pharmacy technician should also get telephone orders from physicians and pharmaceutical companies, as well as help pharmacists manage a pharmacy. With all these duties and responsibilities, a pharmacy technician should possess the right qualities and knowledge on various medicines. They have to know the proper pronunciation of every drug, as well as the function of each medicine. The pharmacy technician’s lack of knowledge on this kind of stuff will be very bad for the pharmacy, as customers and clients will not be served properly.

Taking A Look At The Ultrasound Technician Career

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An ultrasound technician has the usual job of making sure diagnostic pictures are being taken using the sonography. What basically happens is an image is taken in the internal organs of the patient to be able to determine the condition of it. Usually, the organs are being examined for any abnormalities or unusual signs that will indicate what is wrong. But, in other cases, sonography has been used for a different purpose.

It is also utilized to see if the pregnancy of mothers are under normal circumstances. The fetuses are being viewed using this device. So through this, you are able to determine the fetal position as well as other significant features on the unborn child. Some of these features include the heartbeat rate of the body as well as if there is proper circulation of the blood in the body. This way, early measures and treatment will be done as soon as possible.

The Rewards Of This Career

As discussed at, not only is this job very respectable, but it will offer you more opportunities than you can ever imagine. The reason most people consider to be really important about this job is that it pays rather well. The ultrasound technician salary is very good. This is enough to help you pay the bills as well as be financially stable.

This is not the only reason why this job is very in demand today. Another aspect that makes this job very appealing to the people is that it is a job that is very rewarding professionally. You will be given the chance to be part of the medical team, working together with one goal. And this is to help patients with their illnesses through diagnosis and treatment. At the end of the day, you will feel this job is very rewarding.

Flexible Working Conditions for Sonographers

Everyone including sonographers, like to work in an environment that allows them time to be flexible and work in different conditions. Many people go for the medical field because if the fact that it usually considered to be a very flexible career, the fact that one can alternate between working in public and private environments makes it a suitable career choice for many.

It is important to note that an ultrasound technician can be able to choose between working at their employers’ hospital or establishing their own private practice, what is even more interesting is that you can be able to work in both places though at different times of the day or night. With these flexible alterations between public and private practice most technicians find it to be a great advantage for them. In today’s’ career world more and more people are looking for careers that can allow them the flexibility to work at different times and places.

Current Job Statistics for X-Ray Techs

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The unfortunate statistic that speaks the loudest to the current job climate for Radiologic Technologists and Certified Nuclear Medicine Technologists is that 57% of those asked in a recent survey knew of more than 10 technologists that were either unemployed, or employed with severely limited/decreased hours, based upon the inability to or lack of success in finding work.

Overall, at least 90% identified knowing at least 1 technologist (including themselves in many cases) that could not find full-time work in their field. While some professionals attribute this to the economy, others argue that this statistic of unemployment is far too high to blame simply on budget cuts.

Some professionals feel that imaging schools are doing a disservice to the profession by not taking measures to control class size, thereby helping increase the demand for the profession. Over 81% of participants thought that accreditation bodies should take action to limit the number of students admitted into vocational imaging schools period.

Many technologists who have been in the field for years are now unable to find work, being passed up for new grads as medical institutions attempt to decrease salary costs. Many participants also noted they were being told they were “overqualified” for tech positions, so new grads hiring, could be justified for openings.

Additionally, numerous new-grads have found themselves without jobs, over a year after graduation from the programs. With no employment and experience directly after graduation, many new grads find themselves with a terrible disadvantage in competition for open positions, especially with students loans also coming due.

What Are the Advantages of Undertaking CNA Training?

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nurse-aideCna training can be completed in a very short span of time which ranges between 4 and 6 weeks and can be taken at some technical colleges. Most of these trainings are not free and require fees that will vary depending on which school program the individual opted, and which state the school is located.

This is just one of the many requisites before obtaining the total knowledge and skills needed for practice. With hard work and determination, surely you will reach your dream of becoming a proficient and skilled CNA. But some individuals choose to become CNA’s as a stepping stone towards other jobs in the field of health such as a licensed practical nurse or a registered nurse, while others decide to stay CNA’s for good.

The position of certified nursing assistant is probably one of the most rewarding jobs one can choose when deciding on a career. Unlike a personal care aid or other similar positions, a certified nursing assistant is a skilled position. The duties of a CNA include caring for hospital patients or residents in a nursing home in a variety of ways.

CNA’s are responsible for assisting individuals with all activities of daily living, such as eating, dressing, ambulation, and personal hygiene. By undertaking training programs, these duties of a responsible CNA will be obtained and in turn, be utilized in your practice as certified nursing assistant.

What Type of CNA Earns the Highest Wage?

Like any other occupation, the certified nursing assistant salary will vary according to a lot of factors including geographic location, skills, experience and the kind of facility within which you are serving. According to the reports of Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing assistants produce an average of $11 an hour.

Those making the highest wages worked in local medical facilities which are operated by the government. On the other hand, those producing the lowest earnings serve in community centers for the care of geriatrics. Those who prefer to work as home health assistants earned less, with an average of $9 per hour. Moreover, home health aides were much less expected to receive benefits and were required to pay for their personal travel expenses.

Those making the most as certified nursing assistants were those working in psychiatric institutions. Due to the increased hassle and impending risks involved, these types of nurse aids make an average of $12 with those working in government centers making as much as $14 per hour.

Medical Coding Certification – How Will it Benefit You?

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If you pay great attention to detail and you want a career that will last, you may want to consider medical billing and coding. Though not required as an entry level coder, medical coding certification takes a person to the heights of the profession and qualifies them for a wide range of satisfying opportunities.

As a career, medical coding is an element within medical billing. In the simplest terms, when a patient receives health care, the coder assigns appropriate codes to the services provided and creates a claim. To establish the correct codes, the coder must examine the patient’s records and verify that the procedures were completed. Then codes are assigned for each completed procedure and a claim is established, which is then ready for the medical biller to process for reimbursement.

A medical coder must be well trained in anatomy, medical terminology, and various insurance plans. They must also become familiar with governmental laws and guidelines pertaining to the medical field.

Medical coding certification guarantees that the coder is well trained and equipped to perform the job. To be a highly sought after medical coder, you should take a medical coding course and then pass the medical coding certification exam.

The AAPC is one of the certifying agency for medical coders. One benefit of certification is the option to be certified in a field that interests you, giving you more opportunity for employment in that specialized area. Do you prefer working in a hospital’s outpatient department, or doctor’s office, or in a specialty such as internal medicine?

You can obtain medical coding certification as:

  • Certified Professional Coder
  • Certified Professional Coder-Hospital Outpatient
  • Certified Professional Coder-Payer
  • Certified Interventional Radiology Cardiovascular Coder
  • Specialty Medical Coding Certification

Another benefit of certified coders is salary. According to a 2011 salary review by the AAPC:

  • The average salary for a CPC was $46,800, which was an increase of $1,400 from 2010.
  • Over 80 percent of those responding to the survey were certified, and more than 55 percent said certification was mandatory for their job. This is up 52 percent from 2010, showing that certification is becoming a requirement for well paid, employable medical coders.
  • Those who held more than one certification gained even greater financial benefit, earning over $54,700, which is $4,000 more than in 2010.

Obtaining certification as a medical coder makes you highly employable, rewards with good pay, and gives you a skilled and valuable career that will never go out of demand.

Demand For Physical Therapy Assistants In Cities And Supporting Associations

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The exceptional salary of a physical therapy assistant has mainly been caused by the surge in demand for healthcare, namely the retiring of the baby boomer generation. There is no doubt that this generation experiencing the twilight of their existences and now having to pay the piper for decades of health abuse and neglect, are providing a demand stream that shows no sign of slowing.

As in most economic rules, when there is far more demand than there is supply, the resulting imbalance creates an environment where the monetary requirements drive higher prices for those who can service this demand. One factor that is also limiting the number of professionals in this field is, that there are only so many schools graduating candidates for employment.

The most notable statistical resources have all indicated that this imbalance is expected to continue into the next two decades. The monetary rewards are also expected to continue to rise, and bring about a much higher standard of living for those practicing this profession.

The City With the Most PTA’s

If you want to become a physical therapy assistant, but also want to steer clear of metropolitan locations where there is an overabundance of competitors for this occupation, you are on the right track to a successful strategy for quicker employment.

According to the bureau of labor statistics, the city or metropolitan region with the most employed physical therapy assistants per thousand jobs is, Chicago-Naperville-Joliet in Illinois. This region is followed by New York, Philadelphia PA, Los Angeles CA, Boston MA, Houston TX, Cleveland OH, Pittsburgh PA, St. Louis MO and finally Tampa Florida.

A quick review of the listed metropolitan regions exposes the fact that the majorities are located in the east, northeast part of the country. Only two are located in the west, southwest part of the nation. It would bode well for new therapy professionals to focus their employment searches to the north central and northwestern regions of the country.

Physical Therapist Assistant Associations

There are a number of associations that were created to support a physical therapist assistant in the management and growth of their career. Many of these support organizations boast large numbers of membership and relationships with local and state governmental organizations.

Any medical profession attempting to gain respect and authority must take certain steps to establish such things as codes of conduct, training and proficiency in the daily responsibilities as well as levels of professional thresholds, and continuing education for career improvement and certification.

One of the most respected associations for this profession is the American Physical Therapy Association. It was created for the advancement of physical therapy and physical therapy professionals in 1921. Led by a woman named Mary McMillan, the association was initially named the American Women’s Physical Therapeutic Association.

This name was later changed at the end of the 1930′s to the American Physiotherapy Association. A decade later the name would finally become the (APTA) American Physical Therapy Association.

Nurse Anesthetist: A Solid Choice For High Achievers

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If you are on who has quite a bit of ambition and drive, and want a career that gives you the satisfaction of doing a good job, nursing is a great choice. If you are one with even higher aspirations within the nursing field, there are many avenues that can be very interesting, one being a nurse anesthetist.

It does take a few years in the educational cycle to become a licensed and certified anesthetist, but the educational ladder to this profession is one that will be highly rewarded, with a stable and in demand career for many years.

Some are not sure what a nurse anesthetist does. The job is one of great importance, being a part of a surgical team. This type of nurse is under the guidance of the anesthesiologist, dentist and surgeon, working with them in delicate situations where anesthesia is necessary. The training is specific to this career, as there are many risks involved when administering anesthesia.

Unlike the general anesthesiologist, the nurse would have such duties as preparing equipment and various supplies for upcoming procedures and surgeries. There are many instruments that one would need to make sure that are available and in top working order.

An operating theater is one of the main areas that the nurse anesthetic would inhabit, but their nursing skills would also be utilized in the emergency rooms, labor and delivery and even plastic surgery outpatient clinics.

Steps Necessary to This Profession

Young kids in high school know that if they would like to proceed with their studies to a medical career that they should focus on their sciences and advanced mathematics classes. Other classes that are very helpful to achieve top grades in would be: Biology, Psychology, Nutrition, English, Foreign languages, Sociology and Physics. Most young kids do not realize how much of a head start that they can achieve in college, by simply focusing in high school.

It is best to work towards a bachelors of science in nursing, which will allow one to prepare for the licensed registered nursing degree. Upon earning a R.N. Degree one is able to proceed toward specialized programs. It is within the specialized degrees that one can earn a very comfortable salary in their field, one being the nurse anesthetist.

There are many programs for becoming a nurse anesthetist. The typical course can take anywhere between 2 to 2 Ω years to complete. Most all programs are accredited and are highly regarded as having the necessary standards to pass the national certification examination for nurse anesthetist.